School Enquiry?

I am now officially an education snob. I want the best.
Alright I’ve resisted until now. But here goes.

Our little girl has started Grade 1 at the primary school round the corner. I think they are about 5th last in the infamous rankings.

Yesterday they had an Enquiry of Learning or something or other at 9:00am. it seems that only the unemployed parents are welcome to these events, if they even find out about them. The students are demonstrating their prowess at the computers; newly installed in the library. There are no books any more. They write stupid little sentences: “must not kick”, “I love everyone” so that Microsoft can spin and manipulate the letters. I suspect that this venture is to meet the yearly review requirements for the IB that they allegedly offer.

The only enquiring was parents asking dopey questions in childish voices: “what are you doing there?” then capturing the moment on the phone camera.

Maybe that ticks the boxes the way their music program does. A line of kids mouthing the words to some dismal play-along, dancing, waving glittery wands, one of them announces it. Music, singing, dance, and drama - The Performing Arts - all taken care of.

Oh but there is proper singing. Got given a print out of “Yellow Submarine” lyrics today. Except there were words missing on the sheet, and they hadn’t really grasped the tune! Late night class preparation...

The principal’s weekly newsletters are full of bad grammar and mistakes. The PE teacher is overweight. The asphalt is covered in parked cars.
My daughter got in to trouble for playing with a syringe that was in the playground. I go to reception to ask a question about something and the surly women don’t look up.

This child is so eager to learn that as soon as she gets home she constructs elaborate tasks of categorizing, counting, adding, reading, describing, sticking, drawing, notating.... yet I don’t see much evidence that this stuff is happening at school. If it is just glorified child care, why don’t they just let them play instead of pretending to us that it’s education?

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