Workshop activities include building instruments using everyday objects, inventing symbols and codes, and experimenting with technology to make original compositions that reinforce existing knowledge in areas of science, maths, stories and art. Participants can be any age from young children to adults, no prior musical training is required, and all are guaranteed an important "hands-on" role.

Colour Coded – different ways of representing sound and creating pictures while listening to music. Investigating links between colours and sound and using images as inspiration

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Tubes and Strings – making brass instruments from tubes of all sizes and materials and learning about the harmonic series. Strings, wires and cords are suspended, stretched and recorded to discover scientific and musical properties

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Vegetable Orchestra - designing and making instruments using vegetables sourced from the local community, demonstrating and recording the sound of the creations

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Magic Serialism - discover how numbers are used in music and creating a human clock. Participants are introduced to Morse code, so that each has their own signature rhythm of initials in dots and dashes that they carry with them for the entire project

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Our Space – encourages participants to become aware of the sounds around us by making field recordings and identifying what noise is and where silence exists. Understand how movement and distance can affect sound by experimenting with spatialization, echoes and delays

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